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Martha King

"Seventy Years ago in the South" prose, text

"True Stories from Lynchburg" prose, textTalisman

Local Knowledge

LiVE MAG! poem

Featured Essay Galatea Resurrects

Basil King

"Art is" conversation with George Quasha, video

Reading from Learning to Draw at St. Marks, video

Tom Fink questions King about process and form, text

Eileen Tabios reviews King publications, text

Burt Kimmelman reviews King publications, text

Basil King page Amazon

"Tactility Resonates" in LiVE MAG!, poem, image

Basil King in 2018 Marsh Hawk Press Review, p65-66, poems

King in 2017 Marsh Hawk Press Review, p58-60, poems

King's "Soft Hands" and "Highway Obstacle," poems