“77 Beasts: Basil King’s Bestiary is a unique testament by a brilliant visual artist to his relationships — sometimes personal, sometimes intellectual, always artistic, most of the time all three — with our greatest artists whose works he has contemplated and communed with as both draughtsman and painter, and for the last number of years as writer and poet. King’s monumental book is a work that is both art criticism and autobiography, together synthesized into graceful, piercing and gorgeously ephemeral meditations on how art and life are one. King has been known to be a poetic artist. In this book he is a marvelously artistic poet. ”
Daniel Staniforth,
poet, composer, musician and editor

Marsden Hartley "The Wave," 1940

Enough philosophy
    cries Dog Town

Enough.  Enough.

Enough ----

The men have not lied
There moves a muscle
and another--and another
encounter produces a wave
a copulation against the rock
a Banging--Banging.
Sodomy leaves the land
and becomes sea worthy
a heal to nature's boot.
The grass moans
freeing another wave
and the land leaves
and there is water everywhere

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